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I am Monika. I am From Bihar, India and live in Ghaziabad. I am mom of a small princess. I own my Art & Computer School at home for kids & women. I love writing Fanfictions & Stories. I do blogging, I do graphic designing on Fiverr.com. I sell my courses on Udemy.com. I sell my Handmade items on Etsy.com and I keep myself involve in many other online micro jobs.

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    Amazing update. Maan found unusual behaviour of his mother. On his insistence, Savitri told Maan the truth that Pratap is in reality Jagan his father. Maan talked to Police commissioner and told him everything about past. Maan interrogated Ranjit’s lawyer as nothing was possible without his help. He accepted his involvement and told Maan about Geet’s kidnapping and murder plan. Maan saved Geet by sending his subordinate as murderer. Geet wanted to go home. Maan went to drop Geet. Maan asked Geet if she was hating him as he was son of Jagan.

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    Hi thanks for pm
    Nice part ,maan is smart and intelligent officer so he find out whole truth and made plan to save geet. She come to know about her parents also,now how will she take revenge? maan is with her
    Waiting to read further
    Thanks for update
    Stay safe

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      Sorry for 2 comments as I am new for this
      1 comment post ki lekin net problem hai to muje laga upload nahi hui so 2nd time post kiya .

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    Hi , thanks for pm
    Maan is smart and intelligent officer .He find out whole truth about jagan and his plan .He succeed to save geet.
    Now geet come to know about her parents what will her next plan to take revenge from jagan and now maan is with her.
    Maan have doubt if she hate him
    Waiting for next part what will geet’s answer
    Thanks for update
    Stay safe

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    Shalini Mogha

    Dhaansu update
    Loved it
    Finally sara truth reveal ho hi gya maan Pratap urf Jagan ka beta h
    Maaan ko doubt h ki geet usse nafrat karegi ye jaane k baad ki wo pratap ka beta
    Wating for geet answer

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    Awesome Part

    Maan has seen his mother’s weird and disturbed behavior for the very first time
    and he insisted until his mother told him the truth about Jagan
    but Maan is also very honest as he told his Commissioner that Pratap is actually his father Jagan
    Maan asking Geet now that she knows about his father will she hate him
    but its not Maan’s fault for what his father has done


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