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I am Monika. I am From Bihar, India and live in Ghaziabad. I am mom of a small princess. I own my Art & Computer School at home for kids & women. I love writing Fanfictions & Stories. I do blogging, I do graphic designing on Fiverr.com. I sell my courses on Udemy.com. I sell my Handmade items on Etsy.com and I keep myself involve in many other online micro jobs.

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    Hi new story new concept
    Little geet is so cute and innocent .Neer and her bond is strong .Nice start waiting for next update

  2. 3


    Hi, new story with new concept
    Nice start .So geet is 5 years and married to maan but her father don’t believe in this .
    Geet is cute and bond with her sister very well . Waiting for story unfold .
    How they married ? Where is maan now ?
    Thanks for pm and lovely story
    Always waiting for update
    Stay home stay safe

  3. 4

    Shalini Mogha

    Wating for the past to unveil wht happen with geet
    Nd why the hell is married at the age of 5
    Nd wher is maan ?
    Wating wating

  4. 5


    Interesting Part

    Mohan does not believe in this child marriage but his brother and Bhabhi does believe
    Geet herself wants the sindoor on her forehead , well I guess she is only a child
    but she remembers her friend Maan that came to the village for a few days
    Neer prays always that someday Maan should return to Geet


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