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I am Monika. I am From Bihar, India and live in Ghaziabad. I am mom of a small princess. I own my Art & Computer School at home for kids & women. I love writing Fanfictions & Stories. I do blogging, I do graphic designing on Fiverr.com. I sell my courses on Udemy.com. I sell my Handmade items on Etsy.com and I keep myself involve in many other online micro jobs.

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  1. 1


    Awesome update. Past is so sad and emotional. Jagan is very cunning. He might be behind Geet’s parents death.

  2. 2

    Shalini Mogha

    Finally the truth is out
    He is Jagan nt Pratap he wnt to kill geet for the property
    Wating for nxt

  3. 3


    Hi nice update
    Jangan work with geet’s father
    He take geet with him forget about his own family for money
    Maan geet play together when they are small.
    Waiting for next part how they come to know about geet and how maan save her
    Thanks for pm
    Stay safe

  4. 4


    Captivating Part

    Savtri now explains Geet that Jagan was actually a man with bad intentions
    he wanted first Maan to be her parents heir and when that did not happen
    he took the advantage when her uncle died that when Jagan kidnapped Geet and ran away with her
    so Maan and Geet knew each other childhood

    waiting now to see how Maan came to know about Geet’s life been in danger

    and thank you for the PM , much appreciated


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