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I am Monika. I am From Bihar, India and live in Ghaziabad. I am mom of a small princess. I own my Art & Computer School at home for kids & women. I love writing Fanfictions & Stories. I do blogging, I do graphic designing on Fiverr.com. I sell my courses on Udemy.com. I sell my Handmade items on Etsy.com and I keep myself involve in many other online micro jobs.

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    Hi ,she loves to play piano.thank god geet time pr bed ke niche chhup gai
    Now what will she do?Uncle asked guard to call geeta . Eagerly waiting for next part
    Thanks for pm
    Stay safe

  2. 2

    Shalini Mogha

    Dheeme dheeme Chlo geet itna bhi excited hone ki zarurat nhi h bula li na musibat
    Wating for nxy

  3. 3

    Shalini Mogha

    Aaram se geet itni jldi kya thi piano bajane ki ab bula li na musibat aa gya na pratap room maiab kaise jaogi bahar

  4. 4


    Nice update. Geet is happy that Maan is a police officer. Get wanted to play piano and in her exitment she went to her room and starting playing piano. Pratap got up hearing the sound of music. He came to Geet’s room and surprised that room is locked. Hearing voices Geet hide herself under the bed. Guard comes and told Pratap about ghost of Geet. Pratap does not believe him and asked him to tell Geeta to bring tea.

  5. 5


    Fabulous Part

    Geet wanted to play her piano and she did so losing track
    while Pratap heard the piano been played and when he enters Geet’s room
    there is a candle on the piano while the widows are open but thankfully she hid
    herself in time

  6. 6


    intense update.
    Geet was almost caught.
    Thank god she hid.


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