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I am Monika. I am From Bihar, India and live in Ghaziabad. I am mom of a small princess. I own my Art & Computer School at home for kids & women. I love writing Fanfictions & Stories. I do blogging, I do graphic designing on Fiverr.com. I sell my courses on Udemy.com. I sell my Handmade items on Etsy.com and I keep myself involve in many other online micro jobs.

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  1. 1


    Hi ,maan give her address and tell her to come to meet him
    Geet ready hokar terrace ma gai to guard ne ghost man liya.thank god she hide and came to her room aand change.waiting for next part what maan will tell her about kidnapping
    Thanks for update
    Stay safe

  2. 2

    Shalini Mogha

    Finally it’s time to revelation of the truth
    Guard ne geet ka bhoot dekha 😂😂
    Wating for nxt
    I hope geet beleive kr le maan ka

  3. 3


    Awesome update. Geet wanted clarification from Maan why he kidnapped her if he was a police officer. Maan gave her his hotel address and asked her to come if she trust him. Geet came in her original look and enjoyed at the terracewhen a guard saw her. He thought her a ghost. He told this to Geeta and wanted to talk to Pratap but Geet stopped him saying he would be thought as mad.

  4. 4


    Fascinating Part

    Geet just wanted the truth from Maan as to why he kidnapped her
    Maan promising to tell her everything but at his hotel
    after Maan left Geet just wanted to be herself and her room and she did not realize
    that the guard saw her
    but thankfully he thought of her as a ghost

  5. 5


    thanks for the update.
    superb update.
    can understand Geet’s questions. Maan will explain at his hotel.
    Thank God the guard thought he saw Geet’s ghost
    she has to be careful


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