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    maan is Rajni school teacher.
    is he here to help geet
    geet is so ashamed that her sister didn’t trust her sister..but the stranger..

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      Thanks dear, so fast comment 😀

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    Maan is rajnis school teacher :/
    Now only maan can knock some sense in rajni :/

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    Now I understand why Rajini calls Maan as Maan Sir , she knows him he is not a stranger to her but yes Geet does not know him so thinking that her sister refuses her but listens to a stranger must be shocking
    Maan request Geet for talks in her house I do hope she is also polite and agrees
    maybe than she’ll get a better understanding of Rajini’s problems

  4. 4


    Now what waiting for the next update

  5. 5


    It seems all the characters have come in the fore. Looking forward to next one whether Mann would be able to weed out negative traits of Bindiya & Rajani.

  6. 6


    So Maan is a teacher whom Geet has no idea abt and also hates him as Rajni listens to him. The savior of sisters has entered officially. Waiting for next.

  7. 7

    Nadia Khan

    lovely update geet saw maan and remembered how he was carrying rajni away from her she again went in her saviung her sis mode but rajni was hiding behind maan geet couldnt understand why rajni was feeling safe with him maan told rajni to go home he asked i he can talk to geet who was feeling ashamed as rajni listened to maan not her bindiya enjoying all rajni told geet maan is her teacher now rajnis calling maan as sir makes sense
    hope maan can put some sense in both sisters

  8. 8

    Madhuri53 / Madhuri Kulkarni

    part 9 – so maan was rajani’s teacher that’s why she always relied on him than geet. geet didn’t like that she listened to him than her. hope soon he resolves their issue.

  9. 9


    Awesome update!!!Maan is Rajni’s school teacher…Seeing Maan Geet remembered last day incident she thinks again he come to take her sister away from her so she was again trying to save her sister from him but Rajni hiding behind him…its made Geet hurt and shocked instead of her Rajni trusted and listens to a stranger….he request her for talks inside her house…Loved it so much…


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