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    Maan is back. Atleast he can put some sense into Rajni. Bindiya is so manipulative.

    Waiting for next part………

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    Madhuri53 / Madhuri Kulkarni

    Part 8 – why this rajni acts like this. why she cant see what bindiya is playing with her & true love from her sister. ? really she is a stubborn kid whom anyone can fool easily. she pushed geet so hard again ran from house. glad maan was there. hope he will sort out the problem and put some sense in her head. geet hit him so hard maan was not injured…? is he ok..?

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      Thanks Madhuri 🙂

  3. 3


    Since Mann has come, story has taken the shape of some soothing moment especially after bitter fight between two sisters. Interesting to watch the role of Bindiya whether she is really a well wisher or she is playing some trick upon Rajni. Overall a tight storyline and waiting for the next part..

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    Rajni went with bindiya..
    why she hate geet so much..
    I don’t understand..
    again maan came.and Rajni ran to him for help

  5. 5


    Rajini wants comforts in her life and at the moment she blames Geet for this
    miserable life , now that she an option of staying with Bindiya she takes it
    while Geet is worried about her younger sister about her welfare Rajini just don’t care at all
    Maan again enters and it seems he is always there to save Rajini from something
    I’m wondering if he will stand by Geet or Bindiya and Rajini
    waiting to see what role he plays between these sisters

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    Nadia Khan

    lovely update so bindiya let rajni out she was ing too helpful letting her stay at her place i feel she has something bad planned for rajni but rasjni is not thinking staright she is angry at geet and is blaming her for everything she left with bindiya not once thinking what bindiya motives r geet saw rajni went after her bindiya has some plans she didnt like how she referred her sister nor liked her talks she went in dragging rajni away but she left and ran into maan maybe he could put some sense in her

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    Nice Update. finally Maan and Geet came face to face, I hope Maan will be able to put some sense in Rajni, bina thoker khaye kya samajhegi nahi, how could she be so stupid


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