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    geet is completely shattered.
    she don’t know how to make Rajni understand.
    and now trying to be strick.but again that bindiya come out of no where.

    what is maan role in this????
    why Rajni kepy saying maan sir??

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    Its truly sad that Rajini blames Geet for everything she even now has started hating
    Geet yet Geet is trying hard to protect both of them to feed both and shelter both
    Geet is laid with heavy responsibility yet she does not complain .
    Rajini mentioned that Maan was helping her and bringing her back home but why does she call him Maan Sir and how does she know him
    Geet locks Rajini in the house thinking that if she is strict with her maybe she will start listening but again Bindiya comes and opens the door for Rajini

  3. 3

    Nadia Khan

    awesome update so rajni was blaming geet for everything geet was shattered with the accusations she decided to be strict with her sis rajni was gonna run away but maan stopped her but geet didnt listen any of it as she was tried wonder how rajni knows maan as sir geet decided to lock rajni thinking she will listen to her but bindiya took advantage of the situation and took rajni away

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    Awesome emotional update

  5. 5


    emotional bondation between two sisters well narrated…’Rajni’s cheeks were stained with dried tears. Some fresh tears fell from the Geet’s eyes, making those dried tears alive’ evoked the emotion of reader like me also….interesting to watch the role of mann in the next part….eagerly waiting for the same

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    Ok that was maan who brought rajni back
    But geet in insecurity hit maan :/
    Geet is being strict.. But thats gonno push rajni more

    Wonder y bindiya is so interested in rajni :/

  7. 7


    Both the sisters are suffering in their own way. Poor Maan was hit by Geet bcoz of her mu. Maan is sir means can be a teacher for Rajni i guess. Bindiya is back to manipulate Rajni.

  8. 8

    Madhuri53 / Madhuri Kulkarni

    part 7 – geet & rajni again fought with each other. why rajni hates her so much. why she don’t understand her concern. geet locked her and went out. how come bidiya opened the door…she freed rajji from that house…god knows what she will do with her…what will happen to geet when she comes to know that rajni went with bindiya…


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