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    her tsister might have ran off to bindiya..
    that little girl isn’t grateful for what geet is doing instead telling her to do same job as bindiya.

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    Emotional update!!!Rajni is not like Geet….she is selfish..Rajni thinks their mother loves Geet more….Geet is trying to make her understand… but she is adament and not listening Geet…she wants Geet to do what Bindiya do…Geet slaps her…Poor Geet she is trying to go to find the job but it has not succeeded anywhere….Geet is shocked not find Rajni anywhere in home….Loved it so much…waiting for the next…

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    Rajni actually wants Geet to do the same job that Bandiya does because it will
    bring in more money and Rajni telling Geet its her fault that they don’t have a mother
    how can be this mean to her sister understandable perhaps Rajni found Geet was more loved at home but surely she cannot treat Geet this way

  4. 4


    Awesome n emotional update

  5. 5


    What actually happened?? :/
    Y that bindiya is concerned about rajni?? :/
    Strange :I

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    Madhuri53 / Madhuri Kulkarni

    part 4 = oh….they fought…geet in anger went out of her house. and came back helplessly not finding any good job. she was angry on rajni for praising bidniya for earning money. why she always keep accusing geet for their poverty. where she gone now….hope she has not gone to bindia.


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