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    Awesome update!!!Rajni is so angry on Geet…she wants luxuries surrounding like before…she hate this poverty…Who is Bindiya??she was so much taking care of her…something fishy…Loved it so much…waiting for the next…

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    who is bindiya
    why they are living in poverty.
    according to Rajni she misses her older life full of richness..

    poor geet working hard to bring food for them.
    and Rajni cursing her behind her back

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    Geet and Rajni were rich but something has happened which has made them poor. According to Rajni it is all due to Geet. Wondering whether Maan is in their past or future. Bindiya is an evil lady trapping innocent Rajni.

    Happy with ur update after a looonnng time.

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    Fantastic Update

    Rajini is angry with Geet and blames her for the life of poverty that they are living now
    it seems that she cannot understand Geet’s problems and stand by her side instead she is filled with anger and hatred and that will surely lead her on the destructive path
    for some reson I don’t trust Bindiya

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    Madhuri53 / Madhuri Kulkarni

    part 3 – oh…rajni not thinking before accepting money from bindia…. why bindia hates geet so much. seems she will take rajni to wrong way. rajni fool nodded all of binidya’s talk.


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