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    Geet wants to thank maan so she made hand crafted card.
    Wen Geet goes to keep it in maan room nd asks her wat it is Geet kept it their nd ran.
    Maan becomes happy wen he saw d card.
    He thanked Geet also.
    Geet is all set to study.
    Geet ask maan can she send his lunch nd he says yes.
    Maaan is touched with geet gestures.

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    There Untouched Desire…
    her desire for studying..have a separate room…some new dress…
    his desire to be taken care off..and loved…

    falling in love ..with Ur..cute story…
    and way of flow…

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      Thanks friend 🙂

  3. 3


    amazing update! well written! she makes a card 4 him! so sweet! she hesitantly give sit to me n leaves! Maan sees it n is happy! he keeps it away! Pinky at KM! she gives her books! Geet calls Maan n asks abt lunch! he sayshe doesn’t have lunch! she sed she made it! Maan overwhelmed! he asks her 2 send it! update soon

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    geets idea was too creative and shes such an innocent soul who wanted to show her gratitude to her savior…she was hell scared when maan tried to pull her hand when she had been to keep thank you card in his room…maan was so overwhelmed seeing card and felt really happy… the way maan showed his welcome style is too good making geets day with happiness…pinky is so sweet and gave study materials to geet so that she can continue her studies… maan was really touched with geet concern for him that she prepared lunch only for him and she wanted him to have…maan happily agreed for her sake…

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    Beautiful update!! Geet wants to thank Maan so she decided to buy a thank card for him but he would not allow her to go out side….suddenly she getting idea…she made a beautiful hand crafted card….she took the card and goes to Maan’s room….she was going to keep it on his lap top he come back…Maan asked what she hiding she keep it there and run away…he saw a card he was so happy and looked a card very lovingly like the precious thing in the world…he also thanked her…She is in cloud9…Pinky gave her books…Geet is so happy…Geet made lunch for Maan….he was touched her gestures….Loved it so much….waiting for the next….

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    Loved the update di
    Geet made a card by using her own creative ideas to thank maan
    She decided to keep the card in his room when he’ll leave for gym
    She went there but maan came back soon
    Feeling embarrassed she ran away but maan pulled the card from her hand
    Haaye maan was seeing the card so lovingly
    During breakfast he kept a small note for geet
    Geet got happy seeing it n decided to make maan’s favourite dishes for lunch
    Pinky came n gave her books
    Geet called maan asking for lunch and maan couldn’t deny her
    Geet sent maan’s lunch through driver

    Di ek aur update maang rahi hu
    Phir se

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    Beautiful update di
    geet prepared the card of her own
    scared Geet ran away!!
    Maan liked it !!
    And geet here eagerly waiting for his reply 🙂
    And after receiving the note she became double happy 😀
    She cooked Maan’s fav 😉
    And Maan to relished it 😀
    For geet her dream of studying came true 😀
    And for Maan, now he had smone to care for him 😀
    Loved it!! Plzz update nxt part soon di 🙂

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    Plzz update di

  9. 9


    maan……….love u……
    awesome update…
    loved it very much…
    thank u very much fr d lovely update…
    eagerly waiting fr d nxt prt…
    continue soon plz…

  10. 10


    beautiful update
    geet made cards from her own hand
    but maan loked it very much
    loved the way maan was acting ignorant
    geet made luch for maan and maan liked it

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    lovely update geet was agitated as she wanted to buy card for maan but then she made a beautiful card for him she was looking a place to keep and was abt to leave when maan came and caught her he took the paper from her hand loved the card she made for him geet was anxious to know if maan like her card but maan didnt say anything he was enjoying the attention she was giving him maan left the note he like her gift geet was happy pinky bought books for geet she was happy to get it geet send lunch for maan which gave him immense happiness she cares for him he ate it and loved it

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    Beautiful Update

    Geet made a card herself for Maan but when she had to give it to him
    or place it near his laptop he entered the room and Geet feared he may get angry
    that she is in his room but when he found that she had made a card for him
    he was happy and kept the card too
    now Geet wanting to know how he feels about the card and Maan too knows that she is
    restless but he instead plays along until she sees his note which indeed makes her happy

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    wonderful update..

    geet made a card for maan to thank him..
    but before she could place it in his room maan came.
    maan was very delighted to see the card..

    geet send lunch for maan.

    loved it

  14. 14

    Ushankit Vc

    awesum part …loved it….he loved hr gesture of giving him the card and hr caring fr him….he agree fr lunch tooo…continue sooon

  15. 15


    M truelly lovvinnggg thish storyy… its amazingg… hw maan takes care of geet and hw geet’s efforts to thank maan… its woww…

    1. 15.1


      Thanks dear 😀


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