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    Superb update di
    Geet’s question left maan mum
    He asked geet about her childhood n what all happened n how she reached his car
    He wanted to know how his life is different from hers and vice versa
    Geet told him how she wanted to study but even after getting scholarship she did not got chance to study further
    She also told him what happened that night n how she went to that orphanage
    Maan asked for tea n she made coffee for him and tea for herself
    Maan got to know that geet is innocent n he was feeling guilty for saying such hurtful words
    Will be waiting for another two updates tomorrow

  2. 3


    Geet has such horrible past
    Now maans mu went away
    Hes feeling pain with geet

  3. 4


    awesome update…finally maan came to know geets past and how much she struggled and escaped from her orphange… finally he concluded that shes is innocent and felt bad for shouting on her… poor girl was good in studies and hope maan will do something for her… hope maan will find ray of light in her for his life

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    Wonderful update!!!Geet’s question left numb and he felt insulted…Maan wants to know about her…she shared her childhood and orphanage life and that night incident…Maan got to know she is innocent he felt guilty for his behaviour…Loved it so much…waiting eagerly for the next…

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    Amazing and Surprising Update

    Maan wanting to know about Geet her family , her friends , her life
    at the orphanage and about the night she was in his car
    but now he wants to know why is she sleeping in the lounge when she
    was sleeping in the kitchen and she tells him about the rat

  6. 7


    nice part
    geet shared her past with maan..n i lovd maan 4 listning to her patiently..so becz of dat rat geet use to sleep on sofa..she is so sweet.!!

  7. 8


    Sweet they took first step of closeness…
    Maan tired and succeeded made her open up..which was a much needed step for geet..than letting her into depression and hatred to towards man touch…
    She so much naive..though was very sad and confused of his act and scolding…and thought of wrong about his giving money…

    Falling love with this geet…
    Maan ..the smartest… Used his brain and right time…b4 hurting her too harsh…and then repenting.. And making her share…

    Maan thinking Diff between his life and hers..
    Well written…

    Guess what next…
    Thanks for two updates

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    Amazing update maan asked her about her past lofe n yhe day when he got her !!geet was so full of dreams how ppl can b cruel like thst warden who sale girl just to get money I hope geet tell everything to maaan soon !!

  9. 10


    Geet said to maan dat u also want to take advantage of me.
    By hearing dis maan fellow ashamed.
    He asked Geet abt her.
    Geet told him abt her childhood nd everything dat happened to her dat night.
    Now Geet is feeling light.
    Both didn’t know when they slept on sofa.

  10. 11


    Lovely update di
    geet shared her past with maan
    maan too listened her patiently
    feeling bad for geet 🙁
    Thank you for updating di 😀

    1. 11.1


      next prt also been updated 🙂

  11. 12


    beautiful update! brilliantly written! Maan stunned with her question! he feels bad! he asks abt herself! Geet tells him! Maan listens! she tells abt her family, friends etc! she suffered so much! Maan distracts her! she makes tea n coffee! Maa n Geet fall asleep

  12. 13


    Awesome update
    Maan is feeling guilty for his deeds
    Loved the way jis tarah wo Geet ko uske sadness se bahar nikalta hai

  13. 14


    lovely update geet was appaled with his behavior she felt he was also like other men who wanted to touch her maan was feeling insulted she told her mishap with the warden maan felt bad he wanted her to sahre with him her life he wanted how she survived as he was also orphan her parents left her on railway station poor geet she was a scholar but wasnt let study she was the other orphanage where her life went hell she told maan he felt horrible and guilty for traeting her like this he knows she is so innocent he asked her why she was sleeping here her innocent answer made him smile while geet was annoyed as he was laughing at her

  14. 15


    chalo maan ko pata toh chala geet k barein mein……..
    awesome update…
    loved it very much…
    thank u very much fr d lovely update…
    eagerly waiting fr d nxt prt…
    continue soon plz…

  15. 16


    geet shared her past with maan..
    and it did helped her to lessen her pain.
    maan felt guilty for his behaviour
    and tired diverting her mind..

    awesome update3
    loved it


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