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    Geet now understands wat maan lykes.
    She made his coffee nd maan liked it very much.
    She cleaned maan room nd bought some flowers for him.
    Maan gets angry when he sees it nd comes to scold her but didn’t find her.
    ND gets more angry.

  2. 2


    OMG maan is angry on geet and thinking shes trapping him … poor girl is really happy in her life after long time doing her work perfectly and as a regard she wanted to thank maan and kept flowers in his room without his consent…now she has to bear his furious anger …hope maan will realize before taking hasty step towards her….

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    yeh geet kahan gayi…………maan plz gussa maat hona uss per…….
    awesome update…
    loved it very much…
    thank u very much fr d lovely update…
    eagerly waiting fr d nxt prt…
    continue soon plz…

  4. 4


    awesome update
    geet is very settled in km now
    she started preparing coffee for maan too, and he liked it !
    geet tried to say thanks to maan but maan misunderstood her…

  5. 5


    Awesome update
    Geet to show her thankfulness changed curtains and kept flowers with a note below
    Maan became angry on seeing flowers n thought geet is also like other girls who try to woo and impress him

  6. 6


    Love it waiting for the next update

  7. 7


    lovely update geet was surprised to find blanket on her she made coffee for maan completed all her work surprising nakul maan like the coffee geet was nervous nakul though lied but it was true geet adapted well in her life in km but for maan nothing changed he was the same as before she enetered maans room she wanted to thank him so got flowers put in his room and left a thanku note she was hoping maan dosent get angry at her he came back saw the flowers geet didnt know he hates fowers thought she was trying to seduce him as he didnt see the thanku note he went in search of her

    1. 7.1


      Thank u for such a big comment 🙂

  8. 8


    loved it waiting for part 8 please updated it soon

  9. 9


    Loved it awesome waiting for next part

  10. 10


    Geet could easily connect to maan’s emptiness…
    Their face off…interesting..
    But he going to hurt geet..guess so..
    Or ???
    Will this clash bring out desire…
    Have wait for it…

  11. 11


    OMG!!!Geet surprised to notice blanket on her…she thinking that Nakul had given it….she is quick learner….She had been finished her all work surprising Nakul…..she made coffee for Maan…Maan likes too….Geet wants to thank him so she brought flowers from garden to put in his room and left with thanks note…Maan felt pleasant warm in his room but he saw flowers he got angry on Geet and MU her…he hate flowers….where is Geet?? What happened to now? Loved it so much….Waiting eagerly for the next…

  12. 12


    Geet is now feeling like home… She is now aware of his liking and disliking… She made coffee foe him too which was liked by maan… She wants to thank him that’s why putted a bouqet of flower with a note… Cute… But again mu brewed… The note flew away.. And maan barged towards geet but she wasn’t in the kitchen which again fueled his anger as he thought that she is also like others trying to impress him .. Oohh boy… Don’t make him shout on her… I think he will shout on her and later he will get that note.. So.. He will say sorry to her .. Update was nice… Update soon…

  13. 13


    Fabulous update
    Geet apne upar blanket dekh Kar sochti hai ki saayad Nakul ne diya hoga
    Geet Nakul ke aane ke Pehle kitchen ka saara work finish kar deti hai
    Nakul Geet se kehta hai ki usne kaam kyu kiya jisse Geet ko lagta hai ki Nakul is angry on her but jab Nakul uske kaam ki taarif karta hai tou Geet is feeling better kyuki aaj tak kisi ne uske work ko appreciate nahi kiya tha
    Nakul jab Maan ke room ki safai karta hai tou Geet uski help karti hai Wo Maan ko thanks kehna chahti hai isliye wo Maan ke room mai thanks note rakh deti hai
    But Maan apne room mai Change aur flowers dekh Kar he is getting angry on Geet
    Usse lagata hai ki Geet bhi dusri ladkiyo ki tarah hai

  14. 14


    Splendid Update

    Geet helping Nakul in cleaning Maan’s room and she decides to put a bouquet of white
    flowers in his room , when came back at night the fresh flowery smell hit him and instantly
    he feels warm but then again when he sees the flowers he gets angry and rushes to
    Geet only to find the kitchen empty and now he thinks she is same like other girls
    and also she is roaming around his house without his permission

  15. 15


    excellent update! well written! Geet stunned seeing the blanket! Geet helps Nakul! Maan angry abt the flowers! he goe 2 her bt she is nt there! Maan assumes she roams around!

  16. 16


    nice update
    maan angry on geet

  17. 17


    awesome update.

    oppss maan angry..
    loved it


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